Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

European Residential REIT’s (“ERES”) Distribution Reinvestment Plan (the “Plan”) allows eligible Canadian and non-U.S. Unitholders, and holders of class B limited partnership units (“Class B LP Units”) of ERES  Limited Partnership (collectively, “Participants”) to use their cash distributions to steadily increase ownership in ERES without incurring any commission or other transaction costs.

To encourage participation, investors registered in the Plan will each receive a right to receive an additional amount equal to 5% of their distributions which they have elected to reinvest, such amount being paid in the form of additional units of ERES (the “Units”).

In addition to there being no commission or transaction fees applied in respect of Units purchased through the Plan, this will represent a compelling reason to enroll in the Plan and increase ownership in ERES.

Please note that if your Units are held in an investment dealer’s account and are not registered in your name, you may still arrange to participate in the Plan by contacting your investment dealer.

An electronic version of ERES' Distribution Reinvestment Plan is available on our website (www.eresreit.com) for your review, as well as an authorization form to enroll in the Plan.

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to assist Participants in understanding the Plan. Participants are encouraged to carefully read the full details of the Plan before enrolling.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan Downloads



DRIP Enrollment Form

Class B LP Enrollment Form

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